Sunday, June 5, 2011

USA vs. Spain



Convincing the Fans of US Soccer that this loss was HELPFUL!

          If you can believe it, this game even though we lost 4-0, did nothing but help us. While the scoreline stings a bit, it got some very young talent some valuable minutes against the best team in the world. As the old saying goes, to be the best you have to beat the best. Well, though we didn't beat the best, we are working our way to that point. It is a long drawn out process, but with the USA playing teams that are of superior talents, such as the World Champion Spain, it does nothing but make them better. If all we wanted was wins, we could play some of these countries that barely have a soccer team to begin with, but by playing the best we are making our players better. Think of it as lifting weights. You may start at a lighter weight in the beginning to slowly make your way up to heavier weights. If your body got used to the lighter weight you would go up in weight. You would never get stronger just lifting the same weight that your body has become used too, so you try something harder which makes your stronger.
        While again the scoreline of 4-0 doesnt make anyone feel good about the game, it really was a good oppurtunity for the USA to gain the much needed experience they needed for the likes of Ream, Lichaj, Agudelo, Bedoya, etc. In fact, Ream and Lichaj did a good job in there positions and showed hope for the future in the back-line.
       The conclusion is that, no one should let this result affect the way they feel about this team going into the Gold Cup. We will do very well in the Gold Cup and all this game was, was literally a warm up for some younger players against a far superior team in Spain. We will be back against Canada and will bring all the big guns. Don't give up hope US fans, the Gold Cup will be here soon enough and prove to everyone that American soccer really is on the rise.

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